Black & White Sunday: After and Before

Today’s theme is easy. All you have to do is to show a photo that you took in colour and then converted into black and white. The theme is “after and before” so start with the after photo 🙂 

For this example I chose a photo of a small waterfall that I prefer in colour, but its monochrome rendition revealed me the details I hadn’t noticed before.  I will not tell you what they are, maybe you’ll notice them too.

cadini slap_drugi crop _b&w-1_scale_potpis (1)


cadini slap_drugi crop-1_potpis scale




When you make a post for this challenge, link to this post and leave me your links in the comment section bellow. I will start looking at your entries on Monday. In any case you have time to post till next Saturday. Wish you all a good week ahead!


Check out the entries for this challenge:

69 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: After and Before

    • Debbie, thank you, and I love the chapel you presented too. I think this may be a useful exercise for many people curious about photography, though not many chose to participate in the challenge.


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  3. This one’s tailor made for me, Paula. I’ve been wondering what to do with the photos I’m about to post, and you’ve given me the perfect home for them. I’ll post tomorrow. Thank you.

    Your pair are both amazing, and it’s impossible to decide on a preference. Whenever I think I’ve noticed a detail brought out in b&w, I see it also in colour.

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    • I’m glad to hear this Meg, and thank you for taking part in the challenge. I thought it would be easy to make it “themeless” and to encourage people just to convert an image into B&W. It is always useful to see it without colour.


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  12. I see faces , now , but only after reading yours , and other bloggers’comments……
    (…..better late than never, as they say)
    Must say that well taken B&W, always fascinate me….!

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  14. Paula,
    I adore waterfalls. The wound of the power of the flow of water can be mesmerizing, Both photographs are beautiful
    but I can see what you mean about the details showing up. 😊 Where was the photograph taken?
    I found a photo of a pond that showed up really well in black and white and sepia. I liked the photo better in those tones. Who knew???
    Thank you for hosting.
    Isadora 😎
    p.s. I enjoyed listening to the drum and chimes. Nice sounds …..


    • The photo was taken in Italian Alps, in the area around Belluno.
      I love your water lily in monochrome, in pure B&W a bit more. I think it can be very useful to see the same image stripped of colour – to see its added potential. Sometimes less is more 🙂 The music you heard is by Moby (stream). Very glad you enjoyed it. I want to appologise for not being able to reply always immediately cause of time difference and my commitments. Thank you so much for your opinion and especially for taking part in this challenge.


      • I’m beginning to appreciate B & W photos in a different way. They do showcase details that the color photo tends to keep us from seeing. I’ve begun to photograph in B & W and can see that not everything in B&W looks good. I’m always trying to hone my photography skills. Your challenge has helped tremendously. Thank you for that. 😍
        Ahhh … the Italian Alps – magnificent. Italy is on my bucket list. I don’t think it will happen but thanks for the glimpse of its beauty. AND … one must never say never … 😁
        Isadora 😎


  15. Tu es vraiment une grande photographe! 🙂
    Je me demandais ce que tu devenais, n’ayant plus de posts de toi.
    Et je m’aperçois que je ne te “suivais” plus. Bizzare. C’est réparé.
    As-tu pu prendre des vacances cet été? Comment va ton genou?
    Bjo. B.


    • Ca va mieux, B, merci. Pas tout a fait bien, mais mieux quand meme. Et toi, tu es rentre de Paris? (J’etais en vacances en juillet. On a parle depuis 😉 )

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      • C’est juste. Mais je me suis tellement déconnecté à Paris que j’avais un doute. Bon, “mieux” c’est bien. Mais “pas tout-à-fait” effectivement. Ça fait déjà un an ou presque non? Je te souhaite que le Mieux, grandisse, grandisse et grandisse pour devenir un BIEN. Bjo


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