Like a Diamond

Every now and then you find a diamond right there in nature and you don’t even have to cut it to make it sparkle. 

Lago di Braies with a shining mountain

Lago di Braies with a shining backdrop

Part of weekly photo challenge shine.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

33 Comments on “Like a Diamond

  1. Granted, I’m far from the most well-travelled one here, but this picture makes me doubt if you and I even live on the same planet, Paula! It’s too good to be real. How did this place protected and preserved itself from our devastating presence?

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  2. Your posts have been lost to me for a while, for some reason. What a spectacular one to greet me when they finally became unlost. That green is amazing, and so is the composition. I hope all’s equally beautiful in your Zagreb world.

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    • Beautifully expressed and experienced Hillary. I wish all of us could feel through images like you do. This is a wonderful piece of nature. Very thankful for your visit.

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