Thursday’s Special:Traces of the Past Y2-07

Quite often when I travel I take an unconventional approach. It is not about learning about buildings and places that I visit, or knowing all the dates and names; it is about stepping into the past, and if I am lucky enough to have only the company of my choice with me, it is like a time travel  in which I write my own script.


Bosco della Fontana

This is another Thursday’s Special photo challenge with the recurrent theme – Traces of the Past for which you are invited to showcase any example of  past relic be it from the recent or distant past, a place or a thing, or something else. There are no limits really. Just remember to:

  • make a post on this theme before next Thursday

  • link to this post and tag it #thursdaysspecial

  • leave me your links in the comment section bellow

  • grab the challenge widget (my Jupiter photo bellow) – optional

  • I will not pay visit to those bloggers that just leave their pingbacks without commenting here. 

jupiter najnajnoviji

Please, check out the entries for the challenge. Who knows you might discover your next favourite destination:) Thank you all for participating:

…. and there are some pingbacks bellow from the people that forgot to say hi……. 

65 Comments on “Thursday’s Special:Traces of the Past Y2-07

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  2. Great reflection and totally agree with you, the facts will never stick but if you get the right feeling of how it used to be, that will stay with you!
    Have a good day

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  3. It looks a lovely place for a quiet wander, Paula. I usually just like to go and absorb atmosphere. The facts can always be found later. Hugs, darlin! 🙂 Loving the tranquil music too.

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  5. Again a perfect match of music and image. And thanks for giving Lisa the composer’s name. I shall be looking him out too. That reflection along the pool is stunning – so many pasts to dive into.

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    • Grazie Anna, and thank you for commenting. I’ve just put a notice that I will no longer visit those bloggers that just leave pingbacks without commenting on my blog. I am tired of their lack of manners and basic decency.


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  10. Thank you Paula for this challenge. While a bridge can be remembered as a historical place it can also be a reminder of the earth’s sensitivity to human actions and its ability to heal, if allowed.

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    • Yes, very tranquil. The only people I met there were a gay couple that I captured kissing 🙂 Thank you very much, Jude. I hope you’ll have a great weekend too.

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  13. All those lovely lines: in the sky; in the building; in the waterway; and to top it all off a perfect reflection. I like the way you describe entering imaginatively into the place where you are. It’s a bit scary to do so here – and probably in many places. My own script is far more benign than historical reality.

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