Thursday’s Special: Twilight


Today’s theme is pretty clear though the light in the image is dim. This twilight, half-obscure shot was taken one October above Florence.  These days too as we approach the winter solstice, the half-lit sky is the only sky I see coming home from work.



If you want to join me in this Thursday’s Special photo challenge:

  • make a post on today’s theme and publish it before next Thursday

  • tag your post #thursdaysspecial and link to this post

  • leave a comment in the comment section bellow.

To all my American friends I wish a happy Thanksgiving, and a big thank you for your friendship and virtual companionship. 

jupiter najnajnoviji

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60 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Twilight

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    • So nice to see you, Irene. Even though you don’t see it as much. I believe I saw it in some of your photos though, I am still hoping you will be joining me this time 🙂

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  4. I remember those days well, Paula, though they’re long past for me. Crispy Winter evenings nipping at your toes. Where better to spend them? Thank you for sharing the beauty. Just yesterday I was contemplating a few days in Florence in February. This might be an omen 🙂 🙂 Take care of yourself, hon.

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  5. Great theme Paula and that is a beautiful shot. Of a city I still haven’t visited. I really must put that right!
    The lack of sun on a working day is what I really don’t like about winter. But I do appreciate late dawn and early sunset at weekends – plenty of temptation for the camera with no need for early starts and late finishes 🙂

    It took me a while to find a twilight shot – most of mine are either sun or pitch black. But here we are, I found one!

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  7. Beautiful photo and view! It’s a shame that we don’t get enough sun now that we’re in the dark season.
    One of my cousins that lives up North wrote a post on Facebook the other day where she said goodbye to the sun. “See you again in 2017”, she wrote. Luckily we get a few hours of daily sunlight here, even in the dark season.

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    • Interesting point, Hilary. I remember standing there with my tripod and camera and thinking that the city is poorly lit. We should be more sensible about all sorts of pollution. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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  14. Fascinating topic, Paula, and a great picture to go with it. Made me wonder f we visited Tuscany just at about the same time (but in Tuscany, we only went to Lucca this year). Well I hope that my approach is adequate to the theme…


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