Every Sunday I publish a photo challenge in black and white that I call Black & White Sunday. I usually come up with a fresh theme for it, but this time I want to introduce a recurrent (monthly) theme: after and before where you would show the same  photo, regardless of the subject, in both monochrome and colour. This is a way of encouraging you not only to set your camera to black and white setting, but to shoot in colour and to convert it into black and white in post processing. I find it useful to look at the same photo in both renditions. By doing this I become more ever of the details, shapes and composition and it eventually helps me improve my photography skills. Maybe you will find this exercise useful too …… 


Notre Dame de Paris – after

In love with Paris

Notre Dame de Paris – before

©Paula Borkovic


 If you want to join the challenge:

  • make a photo post on today’s theme before next Sunday

  • link it to this challenge post and tag it   #blackandwhitesunday

  • leave a comment under this post 

P.S. If you missed some of the entries from last week’s challenge, you can find the links here. The themes for the next week’s challenges are already published on Scheduled challenges page. Have a good Sunday!

Click on the links to see the entries to the challenge:


  1. Okay. I did it. This is a great challenge. it just hit me on a really super busy day, but i have an entry for you, up first thing in our morning! going to be out of the house much of the day tomorrow (birthday party), but I’ll try to post a link for you before I have to go. I love that painted look for the castle. I think, this time, i prefer the color. But it really does work both ways.

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  3. A Sunday treat! 🙂 The colour one for me, of course, and the soothing music. Just smile, Paula. No need to reply 🙂
    Feeling abysmal and like a very old lady, huddled in my dressing gown this morning. Off to work on my walk in the Algarve sunshine. Gentlest hugs, sweetheart!


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  7. what a great idea – to show both… and I love the color version more here, but both nice. and enjoyed the song even tho I did not know the meaning – so beautiful….

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  10. Beautiful photos but I admit I love the color. Perhaps it is the long winter and lack of color that makes me feel this way. Hope you are having a great day!


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    • I felt a bit of magic while I was strolling by the Seine, it summed up many years of waiting to see ND, and it lived to my expectations and even surpassed them. That’s how this capture happened. Thank God for weekends, I am a bit more rested now. Thank you, Lisa.


  13. Since Notre Dame is one of my favorite subject to photograph in Paris, I can only fall for the black and white picture… until I see the splendid colors of your other picture and I’m even more madly in love with it!
    Both are absolutly stark gorgeous! I just can’t stop looking at them!

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  14. I like the colour version best this time Paula. although I wonder how it would look in sepia? All those trees around the cathedral have grown a lot since I as there, perhaps I need to go back. Apologies, this is the second time I haven’t posted the link here. It’s because I’ve scheduled the post and by the time I’m back you’ve beat me to it!


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    • Thank you so much, Debbie. I am very happy that you like it. I would visit even more often, but my arm is playing tricks due to excessive work.


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  18. Both images are glorious Paula! Wishing you a very happy 2017. I like the idea of this challenge and may participate if I actively blog in 2017. So far, I am lucky to get monthly posts published…but the year is still young.

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  21. I’ve had a busy week and couldn’t paricipate, buit hopefully next week. 🙂 Great shot as always and sometimes it’s very useful to see the photo in both B%W and colors.


  22. That was interesting. I looked at the black and white one for a while, with its strange mossy fabric-like quality and only then, after reading your post, did I realise there was a second, colour, shot. This was suddenly enchanting and yet the greens seemed very bright. The blues in the stonework had a fairytale appearance, especially against the colours in the sky and the gleams of sunlight on the tower – magical. I can’t work out how much this was the effect of studying the monochrome image first.


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