THURSDAY’S SPECIAL – Pick a Word – 2020 – 1st ed.

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you all keeping?

I decided to show my face here at last after a 10 months break.
The end of last year was too trying for me and the events of 2020 left me without words, but I finally decided it was time to find my voice again and possibly even some sense in everything or at least to do my best in the face of reality. Everybody who finds inspiration in changing scenery / travelling will understand that the isolation was (is) too great a demotivator for my attempts at creativity, but travel is something I will have to do without for a (long?) while.
I am glad to see members of my blogging community around and I wish everybody the best of health and patience. 

Now here is what I was thinking of as this month’s Pick a Word choices:

ESTIVAL (cause it is still summer)

CUISINE (cause we all have to eat)

RIFT (cause it lends itself to a number of possible interpretations)

INSTRUCTIVE (cause we are being given tons of instructions lately)


SPAN (cause I am reaching out to you again, trying to bridge time and obstacles)





About images:

#1 Estival – /relating to summer/ is a shot of a beach (on Jersey island) with a lone person dating to the times before epidemic, but I think it is fitting to be posted now

#2 Cuisine – a stand at a local market in Zagreb that sells cevapi – accuretly spelled ฤevapi

#3 Rift in mountains of beautiful Madeira

#4 Instructive – I think you get the picture, but just in case here is the translation of the sign text: “Wearing your mask like this is just like wearing your underwear like that. … So please, wear your mask the right way.”

#5 Span – the name of this bridge is Devil’s Bridge i.e. Ponte del Diavolo and it is located at Cividale del Friuli

Now if you forgot how to participate in this photo challenge, read the following:

  • you may choose one or several or all of the provided words and illustrate them in your own photos
  • when you post your entry to this challenge link to my post and/or leave a link to yours in the comment section bellow
  • you may, but are not obligated to, take a widget underneath and display it on your post (blog)
  • the fact that I am using other people’s music by uploading it from my library does not mean that you have to do the same – I just like scores with my images
  • the deadline would be before the next PAW post which is already foreseen for 1 October, but I really do not care about deadlines, so whenever you are ready.

That would be all for now. The next Pick a Word challenge is scheduled for the first Thursday in October. i.e. on the 1st October. Between now and the next Pick a Word challenge there may be another Thursday’s Special (subject to momentary inspiration).

I am really glad to be here at last. โค

88 Comments on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL – Pick a Word – 2020 – 1st ed.

  1. How very lovely to have you around again, Paula, and with explanations too. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ The layabout socially distancing lady made me smile, as did Instructions. The header image is beautiful but Rift is the one that stole my heart. Stay well! Still sending hugs from afar ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I thought being home would allow me to blog more, but it was just the opposite. My creativity dried up, my ability to concentrate long enough to put words together gone. Slowly I have been able to find the patience to sit and read and write, and am glad you have been able to “resurface” too Paula. Will be back later for the challenge…

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  4. Of course I’ll be back tomorrow possibly. I am tired after a big day and need to think about what photos I may find to get back into the Thursday’s Special mood. Shall try to surprise and find that something special for you Paula x

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  5. Great to see our wonderful images, Paula. the rift shot is a beauty – fantastic light on the moody clouds. And the sign made me laugh – very clever and I think I need to carry a few copies around with me to hand out to those who fail to comprehend!
    I’ll be back ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Welcome back, Paula. I hope this is a sign that you’re feeling better. I love the rift shot but I really love the span shot (and glad it’s “span” not “spam”, as I have enough of the latter on WordPress.) May the rest of this year be much better for you.


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    • Thank you for the hear-felt comment Janet. I am really touched. I am better, thank you and God-willing am here to stay and be more present than over the past years. I am glad that “span” is your favourite too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. You know how much I love you and your challenge, Paula. And I am so happy you are here, with us all, again! Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better too. I try hard myself to keep going. This Spring was terrible. Uninspired for so long… but seeing you coming back will hopefully spark new energy. I know I am not alone in longing for this – thank you again, Paula. Great words again – and images amazingly beautiful as always. And of course – I learned a new word. I’ll be back!

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      • Well – I might have to learn! We don’t wear them in Sweden except if we are on a plane or in a very busy train or bus. It was Estival – and I wish you health and energy as much as possible too.

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  10. Loved every single image – and laughed at the instruction of course…my husband liked it ;-D. Your bridge/span is a wonder of colour and mood – at first I thought it was Mostar – some likeness there was. Now I have hurried to put together my entry, but I hope to do better next time, now that I know you will stay for a while, I might get into the Thursday’s Special mood. Here we go!

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    • Oh no, it is not like Mostar? The bridge in Mostar is single span. Have you been there? I was many times decades ago when I was a tour guide. An enchanting place and years later I made friends from there. There was no need to rush, and your entries are always special.

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      • No, it is not like Mostar, but the colours, the water and the feel…It was my first reflection only. I have always wanted to see Mostar, and last year we went. Just as beautiful as I thought it would be, but the weather was not that good. Your bridge is outstandingly beautiful. So you were a tourguide? That would have been something if we had met a long time ago there.


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  12. Great to have you back. And wonderful pictures. I was considering the instructive one to wear as a t-shirt and stare down people in stores who chose to wear their masks like this! Your cuisine shot reminded me of food in Croatia and also in Croatian restaurants here: we call it “death by meat”. I wish I were at a beach right now! And the rift and bridge photos are simply gorgeous! I know you don’t care about deadlines – I was absent from the net for a few days (unplanned) and I am trying to catch up. I already have a few ideas so I’m sure I won’t be long …

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  16. A new start deserves a new approach? I really picked a word this time, not going for all five. I chose “estival”. Not because it was the only one in the selection I had to look up (I love learning new words!) but because I want to hold on to it, possibly. This year has brought so much changes, mostly for the worst. One good thing was my decision to buy an e-bike and this has helped me, I could stay put without being stuck, so to speak. I am planning to use it as long as possible even in autumn and winter but I am dreading the bad weather coming a bit. So I looked through my photos for the last months and picked a few that embodied “estival” for me:

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  23. Hi Paula
    I like all your images for the words – but the top photo for me was the cuisine – the action – and those hands in motion
    – and welcome back

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  32. Marvellous to have you back Paula and to see the recommencement of Thursday’s Special. Your five words always give me a challenge and this week was no exception. Your photos represented the words perfectly. I laughed at your instructions and marvelled at your rift. The solitary sunbather represents the world in a COVID summer perfectly. Mine Also thought the music added to viewing your photos.

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  35. I Paula, I am really really glad to see you have returned! And I am quite determined to participate in your wonderful challenges again… I’ll see you around!

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