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This is the 2nd Pick a Word photo challenge this year. The challenge consists in choosing one or more of the provided five words and to illustrate them in your photos. However, you are not limited to picking one or some; you can do all five. Today is the first day of October and also the mid-Autumn Festival in China. I am not very familiar with it, but it inspired me to choose “lunar” as the first word today.

Here are the words to pick from:

LUNAR (because of mid-Autumn festival )

VOLTE FACE (cause of so many meanings )

SOARING (cause it lends itself to a number of possible photographic interpretations)

REPOSING (cause I really need a rest)


IMPREGNABLE (cause it is a cool word )


Volte face





If you want to know more meanings of VOLTE FACE:

  • to change beliefs (suddenly) from something to its complete opposite
  • to change the plan entirely
  • to change mind in the opposite direction
  • to make a 180 degrees turn
  • to back away or back out of something that one was resolute about
  • to take U-turn or about-turn on a decision
  • a total change in opinion and attitude

about IMAGES:

#1 Great mural by a Zagreb street artist representing Moon Woman (different from a Chinese legend)

#2 Camargue horses in Italy

#3 A paraglider over Madeira

#4 Somebody resting in Verona

#5 The unconquerable castle in eastern Slovakia, Spiš.

Last time on Pick a Word there were more than twenty entries. Check them out, if you haven’t already.

Your deadline is by the first Thursday in November, when a new Pick a Word challenge will run.

And finally, Thursday would not be special without some music enclosed:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jupiter-widget_text-e1598723535953.jpg

And here is a short video telling the legend behind the mid-Autumn festival:

68 Comments on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: PICK A WORD – 2020-2

  1. Wonderful photos for each of your chosen words, Paula. So wonderful I couldn’t pick just one favorite! I also love that soothing music and enjoyed the interesting video. All the best to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Serendipity – or is it? Just yesterday I came about volte-face as a word, I’m reading Romeo and Juliet (or rather listening to it) so I am close to Verona, And for the lunar pic I immediately thought of a graffity. I love the soaring pic, they do paragliding around here but I was always too far away when I saw them. Never made it in time and now the season is over.

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  9. That’s a striking mural, Paula, and the reposing gent made me smile. A hard day in Verona? 🙂 🙂 Hoping you can find a little time to rest this month.


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