Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in November

Here we have again the recurrent photo challenge theme: Pick a Word. As usual you have a possibility to choose between five different words, or do several or even all together (in one post). Here are my five examples for:






You may have noticed that this time there are no dilapidated, decayed or abandoned subjects. We are approaching the end of the year and must do our best to keep the spirits up. Maybe some  images from my eclectic gallery will inspire you to join the challenge. 



matos s lijevog boka-1_potpis_scale






bratislava by night_hdr


To join the challenge you are supposed to:

  • Make a photo post post featuring one or more photos on one (or all) of the provided words, before next Thursday.

  • Link to this challenge post, and tag your post #thursdaysspecial

  • Leave a comment under this post (pingbacks are not comments).

Details about photos:

#1 and #2 are shot in my town – Zagreb, Croatia. More about #2 – here

#3 is a random flower i.e. a flower ballerina

#4 is not my dog.

#5 is a night walk in Bratislava, Slovakia and is also my offering for Jo’s Monday Walk

Links to participating entries:

And a few pingbacks (below in the comment section) from people that forgot to say hi ……

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in September

You have already noticed that I had introduced a new, recurrent theme within Thursday’s Special – Pick a Word. Every month I offer you a choice of five words of which you are supposed to pick one or more (that’s up to you) and to illustrate it in a photo(s) of your own. This time I’ve decided to post photos for all five of them. What kind of a challenger would I be if I wasn’t able to respond to all my five words 😀

So, here is what we got today: 

  • Populated

  • Time-sensitive

  • Companionable

  • Burgeoning

  • Clandestine




stross pogled_novi-1_potpis_scaleTime-sensitive


patke kapljice-1_potpis_scaleCompanionable


tupilani boja-1_potpis_scaleBurgeoning


bicikl u boji_crop-1_potpis



This is Thursday’s Special photo challenge. If you want to participate you are supposed to:

  • Make a post containing a photo (or photos) on one of the provided five words (you can do all 5 if you wish)

  • Link to this challenge post and tag it #thursdaysspecial

  • Leave me your link in the comment section bellow

  • Make sure you post before Thursday 29 September when a new challenge will be published 


jupiter najnajnoviji


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Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word

This is another Thursday’s Special photo challenge. Today you have an opportunity to choose between five unrelated words and to make a photo post (in colour) on one of the selected themes. If you can do more than one words, it’s OK with me too :D.

So, here it goes:

  • elusive

  • profusion

  • viscid

  • brilliant

  • disorder




(listen to the gentle tune)


After you make a post consisting of one or more photographs, link to this post and leave me a comment in the comment section. Wish you all a happy Thursday!

jupiter najnajnoviji


P.S. As of yesterday the poll is open for Traces of the Past contest. Please, cast your vote!

P.S.S. As usual this Pick a word challenge will not be subject to a poll owing to a versatile character of the challenge.


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Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word (pursuit, veneration, effervescent, personal, peculiar)

Today you are given five unrelated words that are neither synonyms nor antonyms. Pick one and depict it in photo(s).


  • Pursuit

  • Veneration

  • Effervescent

  • Personal

  • Peculiar




If you’d like to join this challenge, link to this post and leave me the links to your entries in the comment section. I’ve been away for a few weeks on a much needed holiday, but it feels nice to be back and to see you all again.  Thank you for joining me. Have a happy Thursday!


jupiter najnajnoviji


I am proud to present participants’ entries. Click on the links bellow:

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word (turbidity, restlessness, transience, prolific, decrepit)

I’m starting something new today. I’m giving you five unrelated words that are neither synonyms nor antonyms. Pick one and depict it in photo(s).

  • Turbidity

  • Restlessness

  • Transience

  • Prolific

  • Decrepit


With this challenge there will be not voting for the best entry considering multiple theme choice. However, I opened a poll for the best glow entry that is on until next Wednesday, 8th June. Wishing you all a happy Thursday!






jupiter najnajnoviji


P.S. For newbies – if you are interested in participating in Thursday’s Special photo challenge, you should publish a post with a photo (or several photos) having in mind the given theme, link that post to this one and leave me a note in the comments section. 


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