Sunday Post & a Word a Week Challenge: Arranged and Behatted

This time I have decided to kill two birds with one stone…..



Please, check out the other entries for Jake’s and Sue’s challenges here and here.

31 Comments on “Sunday Post & a Word a Week Challenge: Arranged and Behatted

  1. Even when you’re not very well, you’re one step ahead of most of us, Paula! Wonderfully original reponse. Hope you’re feeling better.


    • You are boosting my ego, dear Jo. I feel crappy, even worse than earlier, but I have to go to work tomorrow, still happy to have some work… My warm wishes to you. xo


  2. Paula ,I’m so sorry you’re still not well!!! As Restlessjo,said, you’re always ahead of us so I’m also boosting your ego , telling you that you are super Bravo!
    Beth wishes,dear!


  3. jalal michael sabbagh.

    Stunning picture.Nature never stops it’s wonders.My best guess Pumpkin family member.I am delighted Paula for liking my quotation ( He who…) regards.jalal


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    • Hi Bashar :). These are not tiny at all. The middle one is the size of a baby’s head, so you can guess the other sizes…. Thank you!


  5. Sweet Paula, those birds you’re talking about , it’s pigeons and not drakes I hope..? “lol”

    I really likes your shot here, so please don’t kill me… “lol” 🙂 😉


  6. Nicely arranged, and I con only assume the hats are all the rage in the pumpkin/gourd fashion world 🙂 The little flowers are a very nice touch.


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