Weekly Photo Challenge: MASTERPIECE

I’ve just come back from my 12 day trip to Lombardy, Italy and though I have seen quite a few masterpieces on my way, both man and nature-made, I will have to go with Paris for this one. The bellow photo shows the rosetta window of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. Hope to catch up with all of you soon. 🙂


53 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: MASTERPIECE

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  5. Welcome back, Dear Paula!!! It’s difficult to get a decent shot of the Rose window.
    This one is an awesome shot for the masterpiece. And the music… what a treat!


  6. Hope you had lot s of time to relax and some time to sort matters out, dear Paula. Welcome back, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and your decisions. Big hug from sunny Norway!
    Dina x
    Lovely masterpiece!


    • Hello my dear Dina! What is the temperature in Norway, now? Are you having some fun? My holiday was certainly a welcome distraction 🙂 I am trying not to think about my or hubby’s work or possible loss of it for the moment – we can’t do much about it anyway, but will try to keep the one we have ;). I appreciate your thinking about me. ❤


  7. I agree. Nothing I have seen beats this masterpiece. It is absolutely stunning in reality as well as in photos.


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  11. Gualaaaaa….! Ayer noche estuve precisamente en el Monestir de Sant Cugat, aquí en catalunya y a pesar de que no llevaba la cámara, prometí volver en unos días para fotografiar el magnífico rosetón que ilumina su interior…
    para que te des una idea del tamaño respecto al total del conjunto, te subo un enlace en el que podrás comparar con las personas…
    Besos de esos que se dan a las Chicas que están muy lejos…



    • Wow 🙂 Gracias por el enlace Josep, y por el comentario 🙂 Se ve precioso el monestir. Como vives en este calor? Ayer volvi del Italia y ahora estoy sufriendo a 36 celius… Besos con el olor del asfalto 😀 (estan construyendo la carretera frente de mi casa ;))


      • Puede que pienses que estoy un poco loco… pero me gusta el olor del asfalto me recuerda a mi niñez… es como el olor a pólvora de los fuegos artificiales… no se olvida.
        33,1ºC aquí ahora… esto empieza a ser insoportable…

        Un Monastir (Monasterio) del siglo IX que es una auténtica delicia, sobre todo el rosetón y el claustro.

        Ains tomaré tus besos de esos de cuando éramos niños… y te los devolveré de igual forma… y color.


    • Hello Jeff 🙂 This one is from Paris 🙂 I am now going through the last trip’s photos – summer is not the greatest season for photo-shoots especially if you sleep till 9 am :D. I hope your hike went great 🙂


  12. A masterpiece for sure Paula! Welcome back hon and hope you enjoyed and rested well. 😀 *hugs*


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  15. Great, that we have you back, dear Paula!
    This Mandala is amazing and I suppose it expresses the idea that God is light.The different colours are seen as the different aspects of God. The middle ages communicated with the symbolism of colour and liked reds and blues. And of course the symmetrie was symbolising God, the creator of harmony. C.G.Jung did write a lot about the Mandala-form as an archetype we find in Tibetan Buddhism as well. The idea was that meditating on such a Mandala-form will create harmony in the meditator.
    Welcome back home. Don`t work too much!
    With a big hug from the sunny cost of North Norfolk


    • I will not work too much, but now you’ve made me meditate on Mandala :D. Your visits always bring me joy and something to muse over :). Big hugs to you Klausbernd :). P.S. A question for you: I thought you were a Freudian phsychiatrist and now you are mentioning Jung which made me smile 🙂 What do you have to say in your deffence? 😉


  16. What a dynamic shot of that magnificent window, I mean Masterpiece! Somehow the word “window” doesn’t fit, not with all that incredible work and detail.


    • You are right, the word window doesn’t really fit. I am so happy with your generous comments Patti 🙂 Thank you, dear!


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