Corsica: Just the beginning

Some of you know I’ve been away for eight days exploring Corsica. It has been all that I had expected and more :).

The first photo in the series was taken on my first morning walk on the beach where I was staying in a small town of  San Fiurenzu. Please listen to some Corsican music while you are here.

Thank you for all the comments and visits while I was away.




San Fiurenzu

San Fiurenzu

74 Comments on “Corsica: Just the beginning

    • .. and I am happy you are the first to comment :). I will have tons of pics from Corsica 🙂 Thank you so much Dinkerson.


    • You’ve made me smile 🙂 🙂 I am a proud owner of a National Geographics backpack 🙂 It comes handy when I want to pass as an accredited photographer-journalist among the crowds of unsuspected tourists 😀 Thank you Bulldog 🙂


  1. Incredible – I look forward to seeing more of your travels and pictures.


    • 🙂 How are you honey? I’ve been really absent, but you understand it was necessary 😉 I will be back with you shortly 🙂


  2. Pfiuuuu ! Elle est magnifique cette photo Paula ! Les nuages sont splendides, la fin du coucher de soleil un peu rouge, et ton cadrage est impeccable ! Bravo ! J’ai hâte d’en voir d’autres ! (suis jamais allé en Corse, ça me redonne envie 😉


  3. Preciosa …Sin palabras me has dejado….Un cielo poderoso y mágico sobre un Mediterráneo maravilloso…Sin duda, los dioses no han abandonado la isla….Y se dejan ver de vez en cuando! 🙂


    • Estaba pensando lo mismo que tu, lo senti alla .. y tambien que no me he abandonado a mi ;). Te agradezco mucho tu compania Ilargia. En este momento estoy tratando de hacer muchas cosas a la vez, en blog, ver posts de los demas, cumplir con mi trabajo y muchas cosas mas. Como has estado?


  4. Absolutely stunning shot Paula! I just love it! 😀 Thanks for sharing hon. *big hugs*


    • Yes, I was :). As said in my opening line, this was during my holiday on Corsica. I live in a different part of Europe, in Zagreb, Croatia 😉


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