Best served cold

Some days ago Jasmine Kyle  generously allowed me to download her song Revenge, and gave me permission to share some of her music with you.

I wanted to find a picture to match her song Revenge, and had some other ideas in mind, but this is the best I could find in my photo library. Anyway, Jasmine thought it was the perfect accompaniment to her song and gave me thumbs up. 

Please, listen to this talented singer/song writer. I believe her music will impress you as much as it impressed me.



47 Comments on “Best served cold

  1. Paula, I love that you sought out the artist for her permission to post – not everyone is so respectful – and I love that she found your photo perfect. Me too.


    • She is 🙂 🙂 Thank you, Jo, and sorry I did not have time to reply yesterday. The days are getting so short…


  2. One of my favourite songs from Jasmine and the shot really works well with it hon. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


    • Thank you very much Jackie. I have been and still am very busy and am so late answering comments and looking at others’ posts. Will try to make up in a couple of days….


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  5. Les nuages au-dessus de l’église, le flare sur la photo… On dirait que Dieu descend parmi nous ! 😀 🙂


      • Pas du tout ! L’Homme (chrétiens et musulmans) a inventé Dieu pour pardonner ses mauvaises actions, pour ne plus se sentir coupable, pour donner une raison à des guerres, pour expliquer l’origine du monde… Mais c’est mon avis ! Et je respecte les personnes qui croient en Dieu ! 🙂 Je suis athée (= je ne crois pas à Dieu).
        Et toi ? 🙂


          • Comment il est ? Chaque personne a son idée de comment il est. 🙂
            S’il nous veut du bien ? Il n’est pas trop méchant apparemment. On est en vie ! 😀


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