Build me a castle

Build me a castle

To make me safe and warm

Overlooking a lake and a big bee swarm

Hide me from people in a tower tall and twirled

Put me on a cloud high above this world.



Sometimes I feel like being kitschy … I haven’t figured why yet, maybe to fight the cynic in me. Here is my photo and some lowbrow verses combined with music that I don’t really find kitschy, but quite beautiful.

56 Comments on “Build me a castle

  1. You are not cynical even if you believe this
    – real cynics do not think they are when they are… 🙂 🙂 😉

    By the way did I mentioned I like your photo… 😉


  2. Que tristesa que tienes el flu…I love how it’s said in Italian…influenzata, I must remember that.
    Cuidate mucho. Stay in your tower until you are well.


    • Thank you sweet lady 🙂 This is Laura Sullivan, she plays wonderful piano music…. all of her pieces are soothing 🙂


  3. That sounds more romatic than kitschy Paula 🙂
    Love your castle. The blue of the window panes adds to the overall look somehow!


  4. This is blue sky thinking par excellence Paula and I love the lipstick red roof! Good to bust out now and then, with or without the cloud for comfort!


    • You are one of rarely perceptive bloggers, Sony. Yes, I have been dealing (still am) with something that must be out of my system soon. These posts have been my therapy 😉 I am thankful for your sensitivity and blog friendship.


  5. Oh…writing is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, ways to release weights from our chests. Like you, I also use it at times where…let’s just say, I am at my weakest.


    • .. and that’s why you were able to detect my state 😉 I appreciate it Sony, and especially for sharing your views with me.


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