Traces of the Past is a recurrent photo challenge theme on this blog, which runs every month (for a third year now). This month we are doing it in black and white and next month this theme will be tackled in colour. You are free to choose whatever thing, building or place (even a person) that belongs to the past. It maybe a past long forgotten or a past very much present and incorporated into today’s existence.   


Luznica Manor – 18th century Baroque castle that changed hands quite a few times in history is now a home of the Spiritual-Educational Centre “Marijin Dvor” and it is run by Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, (ZAPREŠIĆ, CROATIA)

©Paula Borkovic

This is Black & White Sunday photo challenge. If you want to participate you are supposed to:

  • Make a post containing a photo (or photos) of something that comes from the past (it does not have to be a distant past)

  • Link to this challenge post

  • Leave me your link in the comment section bellow

  • Make sure you post before next Sunday 


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Sometimes I feel like being kitschy … I haven’t figured why yet, maybe to fight the cynic in me. Here is my photo and some lowbrow verses combined with music that I don’t really find kitschy, but quite beautiful.