Thursday’s Special: Favourite

What follows is a memento from my favourite holiday on my favourite island, Corsica.

If you are not in a rush and have missed some previously posted photos from that trip, you can find them in the travel section on the menu bar (Corsica in the drop down menu).

This Thursday I am inviting you to share a photo of your favourite memento with me, or go theme-less as this non-challenge allows, and share whatever you find inspiring.

Thank you for making this Thursday special with your visits and contributions.



First time visitors may see more details on Thursday’s Special non-challenge in the original post.





Special contributors:  

  • First time participant, blogging at Chris Breebart Photography with B4 Retouch/Thursday Special: Father and Son
  • Cardinal Guzman at Art is horseshit is offering interesting monochrome landscape: Monochrome 1168 
  • Debbie at Travel with Intent is taking us to the Agatha Christy Festival with the most mysterious tower photo: Murder, Mystery and Beautiful Sunset
  • Generous and talented James Thompson is also the first time contributor to Thursday’s Special – please check out his post Across the Thames – you will be pleasantly surprised. 
  • Meg from Morsel and scraps 3 is sharing her creative Wednesday break in the woods with us – Writing at Middle Earth
  • Drake from Le Darke Noir is sharing a night shot of nicely lit Liverpool –Send me a sobrero while sending us his always clever thoughts on the theme. 

59 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Favourite

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  2. Très beau la Corse… I went twice when I was 5 and 6… Still remember stuff! 🙂
    B good Paula


      • By the time I was twenty I’d been to, lived in or travelled by about twenty countries. Now, I don’t know. Maybe forty? I would have to count, ’cause I do remember! 🙂
        And congrats on being (felling?) always good. Do an on-line seminar. Make a fortune! 🙂


    • Hello Meg 🙂 It seems quite similar to my previous one in menu settings so I hope I will master it soon 🙂 Thank you, darling for coming here to brighten my Thursday.


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  4. One of my absolute favourites of yours, Paula! It’s a stunner 🙂 (there I go with the absolutes again 🙂 🙂 )
    I was going to ask you yesterday what your theme would be because I can never react swiftly enough to get a response up and running on the day. Life just gets in my way and my posts are too long! Next week maybe I’ll be back on track but the only way I can do that is to not post 🙂 🙂


    • What gave you the idea that I don’t like long posts? Just because I go simple and minimalist? 😀 There are no themes, no characters per page or photo number restrictions – go crazy – the only requirement is that you like what you post. xx


      • It’s not that I don’t think that you like them, Paula- more a question of how long it takes to put them together. You know I’m an old slowcoach 🙂
        The craziness I can probably manage.


          • Today has sadly been dedicated to a monumental house clean, trying to get reasonable insurance for Dad’s trip to Spain next week (£99 single trip- he’s even more ancient than me 🙂 ) and visiting Mick’s aged aunt so I’m not good company. Love your photo. Catch you later.


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    • Don’t worry about “themes” Debbie. Torquay tower with a wheel in the background and the unexpected lamps surrounding the tower make your photo one of my favourites from your blog.


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