Shooting birds on the lake

I wasn’t the only one with a “Canon” that day. Two more people were aiming at restless flyers… I know it is not an excuse, but here I come bringing pictures….



Today Jo is showing us London by moonlight. A beautiful site indeed with some great dining too.


53 Comments on “Shooting birds on the lake

  1. You must have them all down there! We had hardly any birds on the reservoir this morning 😦
    I like your last shot where he’s looking right into the camera. Got his eye on you! Quirky music πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Many thanks, Paula. Hope to catch up with you later in the week.


  2. seriously for a split second I was expecting to see some men with guns on the ground to go with “shooting” some birds. loland esp. cos the only photo I saw in the reader was the upper left one – with them all in the sky.
    anyhow, your shots are lovely – especially like the last one – landing….


      • de nada – and forgot to tell you I was cracking up with the bird song -and you brought me back to a former student – just some random kid I taught one year – well one day he was doing the dance to this song and singing it – so funny…. and it was a nice surprise to your post!


    • You are right Sandra. These are fantastic moments to be enjoyed and remembered. Muito obrigada. Malta must be beautiful in May πŸ™‚

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