Black & White Sunday: Cityscape

Do you prefer cityscapes in colour or in black and white? This one is a photo of Venice, a panorama to be exact, made by stitching several  frames.

B&W panorama venezia_more_potpis

(If you click on the photo to zoom in, you’ll be able to see all the details)






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69 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Cityscape

  1. I like them in both! I often find it hard to choose – it does depend on the individual shot, but in the end it comes down to my mood and the effect I want at the time. I like your Venice shot in b&w – in colour it would be “oh that’s pretty” but in b&w it invites you to look more closely and enjoy the architecture. I’m off to choose my own cityscape to share with you …


  2. I agree with Debbie…depends on my mood, and the subject matter. Actually, I don’t think I’ve much in the way of cityscapes!


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  4. That’ s a tough question…probably colours add more…liveliness to a cityscape while B&W reveals much more detailed perspective. Like B&W films that sometimes turn out to be more impressive and…pronounced than the other ones. I think I am still balancing between those two!
    Your panorama of Venice is exquisite…perfectly stitched, just like Italy is (for me). And that feeling of almost stillness in the photo which – when looking a bit closer, turns into movement of various types.
    Here’s mine:
    Have a great Sunday, dear Paula! 🙂


    • Thank you for this analysis and your views on colour vs B&W. You are very perceptive, and yes this photo is best viewed zoomed in. I always enjoy your entries and am very intrigued with your cityscape. Beautifully captured; love the winding coastline in the background.

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  5. It depends:
    If you are dealing with an exceptional take , I think B&W may give it a particular touch of classic and solemn taste…
    Otherwise , the colour version may add interest and vividness to an ordinary one…
    This Venice , is simply awesome!


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  7. Both are enjoyable to look at, I think. It always depends on what the photographer wants to focus on.
    PS: I will go out today to take a specific photo – I will share it with you later (probably tomorrow 🙂 )


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  10. Beautifully done, Paula. This came out very well.

    Top contributions from everyone else too. I’ll be posting mine shortly.


  11. I’m biased for my love to black and white photo, which makes me focus on the structure and contrast and not get lost enjoying the overall colorful view. It’s a matter of taste but as a generalist, I can say that B&W help me to focus.
    Your photo is simply gorgeous. Well executed. It’s not easy to stitch frames. Well done.


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  13. Hi Paula- There is something timeless about your panoramic photo of Vienna that makes it really striking. It would work well in sepia, too, I think, but as it is, I can envision it lining the cover of a book, wrapping all the way around from front to back cover, or even inside the front cover, continuing inside the back. Very nicely done! Best, Babsje


    • Thank you very much for the praise Babsje. I was thinking about sepia too, and this one has a tiny touch of it 😉


      • You’re welcome, Paula. It really is timeless, and I can also imagine viewing it through one of those old-time hand-held stereoscopes. Best, Babsje


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  15. For me, Venice isn’t Venice without the colour. (well, you did ask! 🙂 ) But I adore the black and white tiles beneath your feet 🙂


    • Venice is eternal or so we would like to believe, and I thought it would be fitting to make it B&W. I appreciate your kind comment, Draco.


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  18. I adore city-scapes in black-and-white and also in very muted colour the most, especially brushed with fog or brooding with rain or the threat of rain or storm. I see more details and tend to notice more depth, shape, and contrast. I also tend to feel more emotion in a black-and-white city-scape. I do adore the rich bright colours of the lights punching through a deeply blue twilight, very much too, or the vibrant saturation of copper sunlight beaming off glossy buildings at sunset, or the blaze of fiery trees touched with the glow of autumn nestled amongst the scintillating skyscrapers…and…Bah, I love it all! And I loved every photo in this entry. Brilliant. And the music was absolutely delightful- I had to play it twice! All the best,

    Autumn Jade


    • Autumn Jade, I really appreciate that you came here to admire the entries. The way you talk about photography shows how passionate about it you are. (I love that piece of music too 🙂 Thank you, Paula

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