Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-02

If you were a regular visitor here two years ago you might remember this little church from Corsica.

I found appropriate that it should be featured again, this time in the Traces of the Past series. (You may notice how my attitude towards photo editing and enhancing has changed over the years; the fact that the colours in this shot are more muted and softer does not mean that my memories of the place are fading).

crkvica korzika-1_potpis_scaled


Contrary to my earlier practice today I am sharing a different type of tune. It’s not sacred music, Gregorian chant or similar that I usually post with photos of churches. It is not even (entirely) in Corsu (Corsican language). It’s in French and it features the French slam poet and singer Grand Corps Malade whose cooperation with the Corsican group I Muvrini honours this land of courageous people that paid a high price for the French victory in both World Wars.

Una Terranova


La nôtre est une flamme qui ne s’éteint pas
Elle vient de la Terre du Commun
Elle dit… mon pays a besoin du tien
La nôtre est gravée sur le seuil des fontaines
Et les arbres centenaires


jupiter najnajnoviji

P.S. If you want to take part in this challenge, leave the links to your posts and link to this one. I won’t be around next week (from 27th April to 4th May) which means that the next Thursday’s Special is scheduled for 5th May.  


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68 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-02

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    • Yes, less is more! It also shows that I am more confident about my photography and feel that I don’t need to tweak it as much :D. It is very useful to hear your opinion. Thank you, Max.


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    • Yes, I tried to correct the perspective in post-processing :). I like your unique perspectives, Tobias. A very personal view of the past. Thank you.


  6. Well worth seeing more than twice, Paula. And that is a very touching tribute to Corsica and its people – so many forgotten stories of people’s bravery and suffering.


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  8. Just caught you then! Madhu indicated that you were on holiday while she’s in Croatia. Hope you have somewhere restful to go and nurture yourself for a while. Sending hugs xxx


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  11. Fabulous brickwork, reminds me of a church in Sintra, Portugal. The brickwork, not the actual church. Beautifully captured Paula.


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  20. I missed this photo a couple of years ago and Look forward to seeing that version of it later – I really like this. 🙂


  21. Belle image. Et chanson intéressante. J’avais entendu parler de grand corps malade, mais jamais écouté. Merci pour me la faire connaître… Bz


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