Regular visitors to my blog know that once a month on a Sunday I post a combined photo challenge theme for Black&White Sunday. It is called AFTER and BEFORE and it invites you to post the same  image both in black and white and in colour. The topic and subject are entirely arbitrary. The only condition is that you post an image captured in colour and that you turn it monochrome in post processing. I enjoy this little exercise which permits me to see the same scene through colour and without it, and I hope that you will enjoy doing the same.


 I love the blue sea and colours in nature, but I also like the monochrome above which makes me appreciate the composition better. 


©Paula Borkovic



Please have a look at the entries to this challenge:



  1. I think I like the color because the blue water and the white sail make me wistful for the ocean. But from a technical point of view, the black & white is really good. This is more and emotional reaction on my part.

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    • And I appreciate your comment very much, Marilyn as I appreciate your taste, talent and knowledge. Thank you very much.



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  5. Difficult decision. The two main shades of blue of the water are a lovely contrast to the yellowish tones of the rock vegetation. And blue sea water is always attractive (in its literal sense). But the different lines – horizontal, vertical and diagonal – come to the fore in the monochrome.

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    • Thank you for sharing Klara, and for your views. It takes time to appreciate nature in black and white. Glad you are one of them.


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  8. I always enjoy this challenge – saves me having to make up my own mind on which I prefer to post!
    This month I think I prefer your colour version. The black and white has great detail in the water colour and fantastic texture, but I think the colour version is more relaxing and cheerful. And on a very muggy but grey day here, I think colour has extra appeal today

    I’ve gone for a couple from Madrid last year – I had marked them for the challenge as I really couldn’t choose a favourite myself.

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  13. I love this challenge – for the same reasons as you mention, Paula. And so I can choose either depending on my own mood! Both lovely.

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  21. Hi Paula,
    Sorry about the delay in commenting. Our summer storms kicked in just as I posted on my blog. : (
    Love sailboat photographs. There’s something peaceful about them. I adore the color but the B & W is mysterious.
    Hope you enjoy my entry this week. Thank you for hosting.
    Isadora 😎


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  24. I have to agree with you on the b & w version. Also, the texture in the water seems a bit more apparent in the b & w.

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