Recently, Black and White Sunday has turned into a fortnight event which means that there will be no more than two of such events per month. Today’s theme for this photo challenge in black and white is “ceiling”. The deadline for your entries is 23 September.

The bellow photo shows ceiling of Jeronimo’s monastery in Lisbon.




Please have a look at the entries to the challenge:


  1. What a fantastic view of Jeronimo’s, Paula. It’s an amazing place and you did well to bring us one of the details that it’s too easy to miss when overwhelmed by the rest. Thank you!

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  4. For some reason, I didn’t get your original post, but I seem to have gotten all the comments TO your post. Obviously other people got it and you are prominently in my list of people who are supposed to contact me, so I’m sure it’s another WP thing. That’s a beautiful ceiling! I always shoot the ceilings of concert hall and other old buildings. This is one kind of photography where black and white works much better than color, at least for me.

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  5. Okay. You were dropped out of my “following” and though I’ve got you back, it won’t let me use any of the setting. The settings function isn’t there at all. But that’s okay because I think I’m missing from a lot of posts today. Less than half yesterday’s number.

    I’m not sure how many people I follow are missing. I’m sure you aren’t the only one and I’m betting I’ve gone missing from a lot of lists. This is the fourth time in about 3 months. They are really driving me nuts.


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  9. I looked at my photos of ceilings a bit like yours but none had good enough light for black and white, yours is perfect!
    Sorry again, I scheduled mine last night with the intention of coming over first thing with my link before you saw it, then puppies intervened yet again!


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  16. Church ceilings are good monochrome subjects. The intricate designs of the structure make one forget that they are actually holding up a roof. Your Jeronimo is an excellent example.


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