Thursday’s Special: Blue Hour

tower bridge night

If you want to join my themeless non-challenge Thursday’s Special (click the highlighted words for more details), leave a link to this post in your TS post. Happy Thursday!



 Happy to link to other entries to this week’s TS with a special thank you to new participants:

  • Love on a – (a special hello to the new participant :))

  • Fake HDR 3466 – (HDR does not require multiple exposures and CG knows it!!!) 

  • Blue for hours – (I’ve enjoyed discovering the original meaning of blue hour – bravo Drake)

  • Edinburgh’s Golden Hour(Deb is taking us to Edinburgh beautifully basked in the sun; read Sir W. Scott) 

  • Metropol Parasol Blue Hour (To my delight Amy comes offering masterfully captured blue hour in Seville!)

  • Over the Edge Together  (particularly inspired Deb is inviting us to have a glimpse of Victoria Falls)  

  • Thus Spake Yoda – (Babsje does not disappoint with her fabulous heron flight)