Welcome to Thursday’s Special photo challenge. Today’s theme is Blue Hour. It is my favourite time of the day for photo shooting. Hoping that you like this theme as much as I do, I look forward to seeing your entries ūüôā




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Thursday’s Special: Blue Hour

tower bridge night

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¬†Happy to link to other entries to this week’s TS with a special thank you to new participants:

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  • Fake HDR 3466¬†– (HDR does not require multiple exposures and CG knows it!!!)¬†

  • Blue for hours¬†– (I’ve enjoyed discovering the original meaning of blue hour – bravo Drake)

  • Edinburgh’s Golden Hour(Deb is taking us to Edinburgh beautifully basked in the sun; read Sir W. Scott)¬†

  • Metropol Parasol Blue Hour (To my delight Amy comes offering masterfully captured blue hour in Seville!)

  • Over the Edge Together¬† (particularly inspired Deb is inviting us to have a glimpse of Victoria Falls) ¬†

  • Thus Spake Yoda – (Babsje does not disappoint with her fabulous heron flight)

Thursday’s Special: Of Light and Darkness

Notre Dame de Paris, one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, needs no particular introduction, and since this is my third post dedicated to it, I’ve decided to talk about music instead. This time I would like you to join me for a walk along Seine while listening to gothic, ethereal music by French neoclassical dark-wave group known as Dark Sanctuary. Click on the play button to hear Prelude¬†from their album¬†‚ÄúDe lumi√®re et d‚Äôobscurit√©‚ÄĚ (Of Light and Darkness).

Though disbanded in 2009, their legacy as one of the greatest bands in this musical style lives on.

blue hour ND_ml


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