Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract


This is my entry for Sonel’s Black & White Weekly photo challenge. Warmest regards from Italian lakes 🙂

P.S. If you are busting your brains trying to guess what is in the picture, the attached music might be the clue 😉 ❤

Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge: FAMILY

Meet the Pumpkins!


Family Portrait

This is my entry for Sonel’s Black & White Weekly Photo Challenge. I wish more people would discover this challenge and see what a swell person Sonel is 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: GOLDEN HOUR

Now, this is a broad subject; as far as I know it can happen at sunrise or at sunset. The attached photo happened just before the dusk on Amalfi coast.

As much as I would love to go out now in search of a “perfect” photo I cannot, as I am busy packing for my 2-week holiday.

I wish I could spend some time viewing your blogs and answering your comments and commenting on yours, but it will have to wait till I come back. Believe me, this is the most needed holiday ever – both hubby and I are faced with job insecurity on our way back home, and though I’d be happy if I could say I am glad that Croatia has finally joined EU, I have to admit – I hate my new country.

The bellow photo was taken two years ago  – since then my knowledge and understanding of photography has changed and it would not look quite the same now 😉


Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: TOYS

The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Here is the link to Sonel’s amazing toy collection, and her b&w challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

paris s montmartrea_V1a_25posto


You know how you sometimes pass by things and never have a closer look, or stop to take a photo. The same happened with this railway bridge that I pass under every day on my way to work. Today I was so happy to see Jake back with us and his challenge on, that I went out even before my morning coffee,  and took a photo of it.


A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant


This is my entry for A Word a Week Challenge. Check out the other submissions here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: FLEETING

A Sign from Above (WPC)

I have never been so close to catching the rainbow 🙂


This is my entry for Weekly Photo Challenge. You may want to check out the other entries here.

SUNDAY POST: Perspective


This is my  entry for Jake’s “Perspective” challenge.

La Vie en Rose

tour eiffel_sunset-1