Weekly Photo Challenge: CULTURE

This challenge has made me think of a subject I shot a week ago. It is the old National and University Library of Croatia (most of us know it by this name) that was turned into Croatian State Archives some years ago. The library itself has been moved to one of those plain-looking steel and glass buildings in a newer part of the town, and I am not sure how well it is attended. I can say I was privileged to be a student in the late 1980’s when we had no computers, and sometimes had to roam the entire city in search of our text books. On one occasion I entered that old building and spent the entire afternoon there soaking in the atmosphere of old books and library lamps. The silence was overwhelming.

The building which used to host the national library dates back to 1913 and pertains to Secessionist architecture. The outer columns were decorated with owl figures, symbols of wisdom. You can see one of them zoomed in the photo below as well as its southern facade in the bottom picture.

Recently, I have found out that hubby’s great grandfather was in charge of putting the roof on the building when it was first built :).

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The Frog Prince

You have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince.


Weekly Photo Challenge: UP



A Multi-coloured Dream

Puzzled by my recurring dream of water and boats I did some Internet search for a possible interpretation.

Here is what they have told me: “To dream that you are in or see a boat signifies your ability to cope with and express your emotions. To dream that you are in a rowboat symbolizes hard work and perseverance. You are coping with your problems and emotions in your own way and at your own pace. Consider the condition of the water…”

Since the water surface is calm, I guess I am facing some smooth sailing, and as there are several boats in the picture I think I should need some company on my way…;)

The attached music is by Alan Parsons Project: Freudiana II.



The theme of this post is a dream and an interpretation of it, but I also entered it for Marianne’s multicoloured challenge. On the following link you can find out more about her CBBH monthly photo challenge

According to the propositions of the challenge I should mention two blogs I have commented on recently… It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Patti of nylondaze , and Stephen of stephenkellycreative blog. Patti will take you for a walk in the streets of NY, and Stephen will show you a lot of Frisco and teach you about art among other things. I enjoy both Patti’s and Stephen’s photography immensely. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOUR

A year ago five young amateur artists in Zagreb launched an initiative dubbed as “Pimp My Pump” which implied decorating one of the most authentic town symbols, old street water pumps. The project included about 40 of such pumps placed all over the town, and one of them came to life in my street.

Apart from graffiti that are rather scarce in the town; the vandalising scribbling on historic buildings can hardly qualify as such, this is the one piece of street art that we can be proud of in Zagreb.




We all have our entrances and our exits.





The scene was shot at the beautiful Italian town Orta San Giulio situated on the shores of the lake by the same name.

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A Word a Week Challenge: Music

While exploring Rome some months ago I stumbled upon an odd place situated in the park overlooking Piazza del Popolo. It was a sort of a tented restaurant with quaint charm to it, decorated with many not related artifacts and other decorative objects. There it was hanging against a window, an original Led Zeppelin guitar signed by the band members.

Please find attached their best known hit, and one of my favourite songs ever….




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CBBH Challenge: Framed

For this month’s CBBH challenge I give you a framed view of the island of Capri. I hope you will enjoy the selected music too. (More information can be found in the tags)



Since CBBH challenge stipulates that we should provide links to two bloggers we have recently commented on I would like to single out Mekala of bitsandpiecesonphoto.com and Tom of thepalladiantraveler.com, two bloggers that love Italy as much as I do.

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Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?

I have been down lately for all the right reasons, and I have to say the misery is not over yet.

I even thought about giving up on my blog as I felt empty and did not want to transmit the negative energy that had been building up in me for looking at all the evil and senseless events taking place in the company I work for; insane layoffs, unfair criteria in deciding who stays and who goes, with the sole purpose of making the company the right size (to be able to sell it of course), but by sparing all the political appointees (from all the governing parties in the last decade) as well as other dead weight. I know I should feel happy or at least relieved that the management decided to spare me, at least for now, however having witnessed all the intrigues, lies, fights, and slander among my nearest co-workers I felt sicker with each coming day. These past few months have taught me that fear can make people evil, selfish and conniving and that it will take a superhuman power to stay working there and not get affected, as the rumour has it there will be two more circles of firing, and the possibilities on the job market are close to zero.

Anyway, today WordPress kindly reminded me that a year had passed since I had joined the site and made me realise that I should not give up on this place that has always treated me with kindness.

For this occasion I chose a picture of Ponte Rotto (broken bridge) in Rome with some cormorants waiting for their catch….  They should teach me something…. the bridge may be broken, the banks littered with rubbish, but there are still fish in the river.

Thank you for reading, listening and watching.





I wish … (my friends were here)

I wish I could spend more time on my blog

I wish I could see more of your posts

I wish my day was 37 hours long, and

 My sleep short and sweet as a peaceful song.

But it is not the case…..



This angel is a gift from my life-long friend, and the attached song was a gift from a friend that passed on some years ago. I guess this post is about remembering friends…. 


A few years ago I got ill, and was scared and in despair. However, things got better; I had friends that helped me find the strength within me to fight and hope. One of them was my good luck charm that I parted with a year later by giving it to another person as I foolishly thought I would never need it again. These days I have retrieved my good luck charm, my lost sheep, and once again felt the support of my friends through another rough patch.

I know that our belief in the good luck charm is what makes it a good luck charm, but still I am happy to have my lost sheep back with me, and to be reminded never to stop hoping.

I would like to thank Jake for this theme… He must have been reading my mind when he came up with it 🙂

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