Here’s another Thursday’s Special photo challenge for you. This time the theme is “zoom in, zoom out”. Show one subject/scene (whatever you like) from up close and far. Let’s see how different things seem when you have a closer look. Take your time posting for this challenge and don’t forget to have fun. Happy Thursday! 

P.S. I have been very busy and haven’t had time to see your entries from last week, but I will get there… 

zoomed in
zoomed out


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Today’s theme is FALL as in Autumn, or as in waterfall or any other kind of fall you can think of.

I look forward to seeing your entries. The deadline is next Wednesday.



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jupiter najnajnoviji



“All the water that will ever be is, right now.”

-National Geographic





Prompted by the weekly photo challenge: Fresh

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My Slovenian Adventure

We all have our ideas of adventure. For some it implies adrenaline rush activities; for me it is exploring new places and a close contact with nature. This particular trip was an adrenaline booster for me too: walking on wobbly little bridges above a mountainous river loaded with camera and lenses, stepping on slippery stones in a gorge and finding my way through a dark cave to be rewarded with a spectacular view of Kozjak waterfall. The bellow gallery showcases the highlights of my recent trip to Slovenia.


Nobody is indifferent to turquoise waters of Soča

Nobody is indifferent to turquoise waters of Soča


Misty Soča

Misty Soča


A wobbly bridge on Soča River

A wobbly bridge on Soča River


April - nature's abundance (Kozjak waterfall)

April – nature’s abundance (Kozjak waterfall)


This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure.

Grim Sunday

Sundays are supposed to be fun or at least relaxing, but sometimes even in nature along the greenest lakes they can look pretty bleak.
Here is my Sunday (the last one in October) – no colours whatsoever.