Guest Challenge: My Workstation


The Jagged Man

I want to thank Paula for hosting Black & White Sunday and for letting me guest host this weeks. When she asked me to do so, she asked what I would propose as a subject and I said photos from my workstation or as I call it the Lab. Some would also call it their desk or home office. As one who suffers in the Winter months with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D., I like a lot of color in my workspace. I thought it would be interesting to capture images within that same space in B & W. For this challenge please do not limit yourselves to just your home office. You can take the shot(s) at your place of employment, a park bench, your front porch,a local cafe/pub or where ever you get creative and work from. All the subjects below have a lot of color to them but I tried to look at them differently, to bring a story to them where color is not needed. Challenge yourselves to look for things that normally you would not think could tell a story or have visual impact and have fun discovering that they can.


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Contributing posts:


With their 108 m height the towers of the Zagreb Cathedral are the highest in the country. The below images are made from the same shot, but they underwent different editing.

This is the first time you are given an opportunity to vote for a better photo in one of my posts so go and make the right click 😀


Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb Cathedral

Feel free to leave me a link to your B&W photos: 

Grim Sunday

Sundays are supposed to be fun or at least relaxing, but sometimes even in nature along the greenest lakes they can look pretty bleak.
Here is my Sunday (the last one in October) – no colours whatsoever.




SUNDAY POST: From a Distance

I have decided to stay in Istria for the rest of the week, even if it means going back 12 years in time 😉

What you are about to see is a little town called Motovun, perched on top of a hill (hardly 277 m altitude), but that odd summer morning it was bathing in clouds. I opened my eyes and realised that if I didn’t shoot it then, there may never be a chance to do it again. So, here it is … the only shot ever that has made me get up at 5 am. (poor cam and all, but the scene impressed me)



Weekly Photo Challenge: URBAN

Does a municipality counting about 800 souls constitute an urban settlement?

I think so, and then I may be wrong. Sorry WP challengers, but you are not likely to see any metropolis shots from me, not any time soon anyway,  and I can’t just hop an airplane to go to my native town to take photos for this challenge. Instead, I am going to show you a typical street in one of our small towns in Istria (Istria being the largest peninsula in Croatia). The place is called Grožnjan or Grisignana in Italian (it was part of Venetian Republic from 1358 to 1797). When I go on short weekend breaks around here, this is the kind of place I visit most. I hope you will understand why… 🙂

Maybe some day I will be able to move to some of these stone-cobbled streets and find a new home there 😉



Black (& White) Wednesday

The good thing about today is that it is Wednesday, and not Tuesday or Monday… and therefore can’t be all black …  Wishing to be somewhere far away now, away from this scorching hot town, up in the mountains where the air may be thinner, and I may feel dizzier, but my spirits would be free.

When you recall scenes from the past, do you see them in colour or black and white?



Black and White Stuff – Sequel

I have decided this is going to be B&W week, not in my dressing style but in my blog appearance.

It has been great fun converting my old shots into black and white…. Maybe you will like them too 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: MERGE

What do you get when your eyes merge with a tree?

…. a tree soul 😀

Here is a song by Porcupine Tree. Click on Buying New Soul

 (I still rage and wage my little war…I’m a shade and easy to ignore)