Black and White Stuff – Sequel

I have decided this is going to be B&W week, not in my dressing style but in my blog appearance.

It has been great fun converting my old shots into black and white…. Maybe you will like them too 🙂



21 Comments on “Black and White Stuff – Sequel

  1. It was worth waiting 🙂
    This is nice one… The picture needs to be very good if its a landscape in a B&W. And this is perfect.


    • 🙂 I did not think I would love them as much devoid of colour… but I do. I am honoured with your visit Dutchess 😀


  2. That banner image is something else Paula. It looks so good as a B&W I don’t even want to know what the color one looks like. I can’t imagine it could be any better. The one in the body of the post is good too, but that banner is a tough act to follow.


    • 🙂 Agreed, the banner is something else, but this one should be zoomed in to be fully appreciated…. I love it Jeff 😛


    • It is stunning, the landscape I mean, photo can always be better :D. I loved it so much there Patti and am planing to go back with a more serious camera – this was taken by my old Canon Ixus. Thank you dear.


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