The theme of today’s challenge is FOCUS. We all want our images to be tack sharp and in focus, but there are situations when we prefer to have some parts of the image in blur i.e. out of focus to better isolate the subject we want to focus on (pun intended).  This technique is called selective focus and this is what I did in the image bellow. I focused on a single, though repetitive, element that goes on through most of the frame and seems to repeat itself in unfocused specular highlights in the background. The image shows an iconic view of the capital city of Slovenia, and I thought it would be neat to give just a hint of it.

Selective focusing is particularly interesting in macro photography, portraiture and in images with repetitive patterns and it makes photography more creative.  Now it is up to you…. whether you choose to have all the elements in your photo in focus, or to apply a selective focus or even an alternative approach to the theme like capturing a focused person or animal, I very much look forward to seeing your entries. Have a great Thursday!


©Paula Borkovic

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FOCUS


pas i ovca_boja

You might have seen this same photo before in black & white, and I’m sorry for showing you the same scene again, but I don’t have a better representative of the depth of field usage among my photos.  Anyway, sometimes a conversion of coloured to b&w makes a tremendous change, and it can’t be considered as the same picture, can it? The pic shows my toys that are not just collecting dust. As you can see, I do play with them quite often 😀

Wish you all a pleasant weekend, and to stay focused only on the good stuff!

P.S. Click on the player above to enjoy Moby’s “Slipping Away” song.

P.S.S. I must be really tired, I’ve just realised it is not the same pic at all, the hell it is not the same lens :D. Well, at least I am not repeating myself 😉