This Monday my holiday reminiscence is of beautiful Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy. This time of year summer seems to be too far away….



Beautiful Austria: Sankt Wolfgang

Those who visit my blog regularly have noticed that Monday is my virtual travel day. This time I want to show you a small town in Austria known as Sankt Wolfgang in Salzkammergut region. The photos were taken some years back at the time when I still hadn’t discovered my passion for photography.


Paris in the Springtime

This is where I would like to be now …..




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Going back in time

Some of you have probably noticed that I picked Monday as my virtual travel day to mitigate the dreadful effects of going back to work. Today I am taking you to Istria – Croatia, to a journey that happened 11 years ago.

This was my first and most memorable encounter with Istria. One of Croatia’s most beautiful regions is a peninsula situated at less than half hour drive from Italy. The architecture, street signs in Italian, cuisine, culture, everything there reminds of Italy which makes Istria my favourite part of the country next to Dubrovnik where I grew up.

The gallery is made of technically lacking photographs, but they have a sentimental value for me, and I thought it would be interesting to show you some bits and pieces of my country.

Listen to Croatian pianist Maksim Mrvica playing Croatian Rhapsody for you.


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Rome – Sequel

Here are some photos I took a year ago in Rome. Would you join me for a walk along the Tiber and over to picturesque piazzas and promenades of this eternal city?




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Embracing Malta

A few years ago in January I spent five amazing days on this Mediterranean island that was a delight in every respect. The weather was clement with temperatures averaging 20 degrees Celsius, and the sky treated us to the most spectacular sunsets. Even though it is one of the smallest countries in the world with the smallest capital in the EU, Malta gives you a taste of an extraordinarily rich history and cultural variety. The first in the series of photos from Malta was taken from the Valletta bastions. The view opens to Marsamxett Harbour with Manoel Island featuring a fort by the same name. I found the sky and the vast view captivating and decided to savour the place slowly without rushing to visit every tourist attraction listed in the guidebook.

During our stay there we were lucky to meet our Maltese friend, a Knight Of Malta, who showed us a few secret spots on the island, some of which I will share with you in my next Malta post.

The bellow button will take to the wondrous world of traditional Maltese music.


valletta_manoel island

Un Sognu Pè Campà / Un Rêve Pour Vivre

I have always looked forward to Autumn, but this year I would like to have my late Corsican Summer back. Here is my dream as I have lived it and hope to live it again.



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Corsica: Just the beginning

Some of you know I’ve been away for eight days exploring Corsica. It has been all that I had expected and more :).

The first photo in the series was taken on my first morning walk on the beach where I was staying in a small town of  San Fiurenzu. Please listen to some Corsican music while you are here.

Thank you for all the comments and visits while I was away.




San Fiurenzu

San Fiurenzu

Ancient to Modern

During my July holiday I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the splendid town of Vicenza in northern Italy whose beauty and elegant charm have left me marvelled.

The first night offered a quieter and less crowded edition of the place as many cafes and restaurants are closed on Mondays. I went for a stroll within the Basilica’s arcades and took a glimpse of modern shops at the piazza looking through one of famous Palladian windows. At the edges of the window you can see some modern installations for sunshades that would be open and ready again for Tuesday crowds.

Ancient to modern… the old world adjusted to our “modern” needs. Is it always a good idea??

Give a click to the bellow link to enjoy a beautiful piece of music by Ludovico Einaudi titled Walk.


vicenza gate_2

Weekly Photo Challenge: MASTERPIECE

I’ve just come back from my 12 day trip to Lombardy, Italy and though I have seen quite a few masterpieces on my way, both man and nature-made, I will have to go with Paris for this one. The bellow photo shows the rosetta window of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. Hope to catch up with all of you soon. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

rome in sunset-1_V2.0mala